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ˇ°Honor your mistakes, they will lead to learning...

Through this learning, more mistakes will be madeˇ¦

Through this process, mistakes are no longer mistakesˇ¦

They become the act of learning.ˇ±




 Curriculums for Adults and Teens:    English Curriculums for Learners of All Ages ~Welcome to The Language Works~

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~ Young Learner Curriculum ~

Lessons can consist of selected files from the four modules or may follow a sequential plan. Use the Lesson Format pages for modules one and two if you are unfamiliar with the curriculum. In level two (modules three and four) only an open format is offered. Teachers must select files to suit learner needs. See the Overview Page for instructions regarding each of the file types. The Curricular Approach suggests ways and means for presenting files in your lessons. After you open a file, use the arrows on your keyboard to move forward and back. Click the spacebar twice to repeat the audio.

~ Basic Conversation Course ~ Beginner Level ~

~ Intermediate Conversation Course ~ Intermediate Level ~

~ Topic Discussion Course ~ Upper Intermediate Level ~

~ Travel English Course ~ Upper Beginner Level ~

~ ˇ°Go where you need to go!ˇ± ~

Nouns /Forms

Verbs /Actions

Role Plays

Photo Talk

Mixed Questions





Lesson Planning

Curricular Approach

Thesis and Papers